Contributions to art and culture

Our Mission

As the central cultural facility of Sakai City, Fenice Sacay has a mission to give guests the opportunities of “watching, listening and inspiring”, “creating together”, “gathering and interacting”, “learning and growing”, and “touching and learning”. It plays the role of a base that newly creates Sakai’s unique culture, gives birth to cultural exchanges, and develops local culture.

Fenice Sacay’s Ideals

Fenice Sacay is a place where high-quality performing arts and a variety of performances are shown. It is a facility that connects people with locals through art culture, connects people with society, and enriches citizens’ lives. We aim to become a “facility that continues to be loved by many citizens.”

Basic Policy

1. We create and distribute high-quality art culture.

  • By using the functions of the facility to give stage performance art and music performances, we will create countless opportunities for many people to come into contact with attractive arts and culture, and convey the existence of….

2. We will nurture the next generation of children through art culture.

  • We create as many places as possible for children — who are our future — to be exposed to culture and art. and experience them.

3. We will connect society with cultural arts.

  • We will offer many opportunities for a diverse group of people — regardless of age or disability — to enjoy culture and art.
  • We attempt to solve problem in the community through cultural arts.
  • Through the numerous cultural arts activities, we will make opportunities for people to feel the joy of creating and disseminating art.

Performance projects

As an ‘enthusiastic multi-purpose hall’ that hosts performances such as orchestras, operas, ballets, musicals, pop musical concerts, dramas, and traditional performing arts, Fenice Sacay provides excellent performing arts and various performances and provides opportunities for people to appreciate them.

Projects to create and disseminate art

Using the cultural resources and potential of cultural organizations, we give birth to unique art culture. We also provide space for citizens and cultural organizations to interact and present the fruits of their labor.

  • Forte piano recital series
  • Projects to create art with participation of local opera groups, orchestras, ballet groups etc.
  • Planning and inviting national-level contests and festivals.

Promotion and Cultivation Projects

We engage in projects for people of all ages — from children to adults — to be exposed to art culture as well as projects that nurture the next generation which lead to a bright future.

  • Family concerts that can be enjoyed casually.
  • Public rehearsals and back-stage tours and other projects that give people unique experiences.
  • Performances that include lectures and commentary by directors and experts.
  • Dance workshops and other programs to engage intellectually and physically challenged children and adults in theater.

Rental Space Projects

We rent out our space for meetings, training sessions and other ocassions for people of various backgrounds to engage in cultural activities. We can also rent out space especially for performances sponsored by media outlets like newspapers and TV stations or promoters that will attract large audiences.