Main Hall

main hall

This multi-purpose hall can be used as a venue for ceremonies and lectures, as well as excellent stage technology and various music performances such as orchestras, operas, ballets, plays, and pop music.


Adopting a three-layer balcony structure, you can enjoy the stage in a comfortable environment from any seat.


This is one of the few halls with FAZIOLI F308.


A variety of performances can be held here with a full range of lighting and sound equipment.


The glass makes the foyer bright and spacious.


Seating area

■2,000 seats
 1st floor audience seats (1,076 seats)
 2nd floor seating (340 seats)
 3rd floor audience (296 seats)
 4th floor audience (276 seats), wheelchair seats (12 seats)


 For men (13 private stalls, 56 urinals)
 For women (75 private stalls)
 Accessible bathrooms (8)


 The buffet opens when the venue opens. We sell soft drinks and alcoholic beverages for audiences to relax during the opening and breaks.

  • Main stage: Frontage 18.0m x Depth (*1) 22.0m x Height 9.0~12.5m
    (proscenium format)*1 From the front of the stage to the horizon curtain
  • Right side of the stage:W15.9m × D23.8m
  • Left side of the stage:W 7.2m × D 23.8m
  • Backstage:W 20.0m × D 9.3m
    ※With rear projection space
  • Orchestra pit: 107㎡ (can be used as a front stage)
Dressing room area

1 production waiting room
2 special dressing rooms
9 dressing rooms
2 waiting rooms
4 shower rooms
2 hot water supply rooms
3 accessible toilets
2 lounges

※Special dressing room 1 has a semi-computer piano (Steinway: B211).

※Dressing room 7 has an upright piano (Yamaha SU7).


Morning 9:00-12:00

Afternoon 13:00-17:00

Night 18:00-22:00

All day 9:00-22:00