Sub Hall

sub hall

This multi-purpose hall can be used for presentations and gatherings of diverse cultural arts such as musical performances by citizens.


Although compact with 312 seats, the Sub Hall has good acoustics, making it ideal for presentations.


Various events such as seminars and conferences can be accommodated here.


Collection piano
Fazioli F308, Steinway D/274, Yamaha CFX


These can also be used for lectures and ceremonies.


Seating area

■312 seats

 1st floor audience seats (284 seats), wheelchair seats (4 seats)

 Second-floor balcony seats (total of 24 seats on the left and right)


 For men, 3 private stalls, 8 urinals

 For women, 11 private stalls

 2 accessible bathrooms


Stage: width 12.2m x depth (*1) 9.6m x height 5.4~9.0m
(one box type)
※1 From the front of the stage to the horizon curtain

Dressing room area

1 production waiting room

4 dressing rooms

1 shower room

I hot water supply room

1 multipurpose toilet

1 lounge


Morning 9:00-12:00

Afternoon 13:00-17:00

Night 18:00-22:00

All day 9:00-22:00